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Figure 1 is the leading medical image sharing app available for physicians, healthcare professionals. Developed on an advanced, responsive and intuitive script it allows users to share case related images to the world and seek opinions and consultation from experts. We have put rigorous effort to replicate the backbone of the script and develop a customisable Figure 1 clone script that gives you the best of figure 1 and much more.

Our Features for

Figureone Clone Script

Advanced Search

  • Integrated Search Results

  • Real-time Search results of user submitted Patient cases and Discussions

  • Verified Results reviews and cases

  • Search by category, topics etc.

Surveys & Polls

  • Create real time surveys

  • Invite fellow Professionals to participate

  • Gather insights on cases

Instant Sharing & Collaborative Timelines.

  • Simplistic Design and one touch interaction for instant sharing of images and videos.

  • Timeline images to track case progression.

  • Create referenced pages with timelines for future case study

Role based User Profiling

  • Multiple user profiles based on roles such as physician, student, policymaker, non-healthcare professional etc.

  • Comprehensive verification for relevant user roles.

Interest Based stream

  • Minimised Social data overload by interest based stream.

  • Topics streamed on home page based on interests and user profile

  • Categorised posts by trending, popular, interests etc.

Promotional & Sales tools

  • Media placement options to drive traffic.

  • Manage promotional ads and posts

  • Accessibility to newsletters and other tools

Mobile First

  • The script is available developed as mobile compatible version.

  • Designed to give easy access of the medical network on handheld.

  • Custom built and extendable for mobile app development

Business Intelligence Tools

  • Faster, Simpler, And Beautiful Interface With Responsive Features

  • Easily Navigable With A Minimum Resizing And Scrolling

  • Real-Time Analytics And Automated Reporting

  • Generate Daily Reports on Interactions, Polls, Discussions and More.

Those Are Just A Few Major Features,

There Are Plenty More

  • Search, Connect and add Healthcare experts to your network

  • Share case related images with the world

  • Prompt responses from the medical community by seeking their opinion

  • Allows users to embed posts or images from Instagram, Snapchat and other third party apps.

  • Anonymous postings to encourage participation

  • Reach out to thousands of doctors/ Healthcare professionals and medical students across the globe

  • Language-specific online healthcare.

  • Best CMS with WYSIWYG.

  • Designed to give easy and effective access on handhelds.

  • Powerful and user-friendly admin panel for analytical reports

  • Reliable verification processes

  • Reliable and verified information about doctors, therapists, and health consultants

  • Easy updates and patches

AND Much more ...

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